New Promise Lab Co., Ltd. offers research and development, education, consulting, corporate standardization, and business analysis solutions and services in the field of artificial intelligence and blockchain. These technologies form the core of the Web3 ecosystem, where participants play a central role. We assure you that we will always be there for you as a trustworthy partner, no matter the time or place. We bring a new promise for a new era! Welcome to New Promise Lab.

It's hard to survive doing the same thing as everyone else.

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Prompt Engineering

A team led by Dr. Min Chang of POSTECH, the best scholar in the field of artificial intelligence in Korea, supports the solution. Learn optimal prompt engineering such as ChatGPT, Google Bard, Stable Diffusion, Dall-E, etc.

Training AI experts

AI technologies such as neural networks, deep learning, and data mining are expanding worldwide. Become an AI expert through the best curriculum. You can learn Advanced Skills from Basic.
Proposal of corporate AI technology standardization
The rise of OpenAI has been compared to the Industrial Revolution. During the Industrial Revolution, there are many storms. Some companies see it as a crisis, while others see it as a great opportunity. Please find the answer quickly at New Promise Lab Co., Ltd.

Blockchain technology development

New Promise Lab Co., Ltd. has been providing the best consulting services regarding blockchain early on. We have been consulting on Defi, token economy design, virtual asset education, virtual asset investment education, and connection between blockchain and industry. Furthermore, we have secured various know-how to combine artificial intelligence, metaverse, and blockchain.

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