New Promise Lab Co., Ltd. leads the Web3 era through blockchain full-stack technology. Based on unrivaled blockchain core technology and expansion technology, we are creating a new Web3 era by building a blockchain platform such as mainnet and combining application technologies such as DID, , DAO, Wallet, DeFi, NFT, Metaverse, and related service operation experience.

Blockchain project consulting

  • Blockchain service planning
  • Blockchain technology planning
  • Block chain token economy design

Blockchain development consulting

  • Presenting a mainnet guide suitable for blockchain services
  • Smart contract implementation
  • Front End / Back End System Guide

Blockchain project implementation

  • Blockchain Week Point Guide
  • External service and partner selection consulting
  • Project schedule check

Virtual asset trend analysis

  • Domestic and foreign virtual asset product analysis
  • DeFi Service Analysis
  • Analysis of promising projects

Cryptocurrency Education

  • Investment strategy training by the virtual asset training team
  • Analysis of promising domestic and foreign virtual asset projects
  • Training with Quant Program

Trains Specialists of virtual asset

  • Fostering virtual asset investment experts and analysts through systematic education
  • Utilize trained experts as educational experts in the research institute