New Promise Lab Co., Ltd. is a vision.

New Promise Lab Co., Ltd. is growing into a company specializing in artificial intelligence & blockchain. Pohang University of Science and Technology (AI/Machine Learning), Seoul National University Data Mining researcher, POSTECH adjunct professor and CEO of New Promise Lab Co., Ltd. Dr. Jang Min is the representative. We are making New Promise Lab Co., Ltd. together.

Leading artificial intelligence standardization/Blockchain/Metaverse/DeFi/Deep Mind/Data mining/Generative AI/Prompt engineer training/Digital art creator training/AI trainer training


June 2023
Changed company name to New Promise Lab Co., Ltd., a company specializing in artificial intelligence & blockchain
NFT, metaverse service consulting, NH Investment & Securities virtual asset wallet development and STO business consulting
December 2021
Healthcare-based blockchain ecosystem consulting/design
June 2021
Real asset NFT platform design
January 2021
Building an on-chain data-based analysis system
December 2020
Reached 1,000BTC accumulated deposit
June 2020
Accomplished accumulated deposit of 500 BTC, established Quint trading system, established professional trading and asset management team
January 2020
Launched virtual asset deposit service
November 2019
Accomplished 1 million USD in accumulated loans
June 2019
Changed company name to Billibit Co., Ltd., launched Korea’s first virtual asset-based mortgage loan service
March 2018
Established Trading Analytics Co., Ltd., blockchain-based comprehensive service